Our Process


The first step is where you get your full designer game face on!

The path to a successful kitchen & bath renovation requires you to brainstorm what you want in your dream kitchen. We recommend you make a checklist of everything you are looking for and we can consolidate what is the most feasible for your project.

Design Briefing and In-Home Measure

The second step is the most crucial & it’s free!

One of our experienced designers will come to your home to measure and capture the full potential of your space. During this stage, you may ask all the questions you have as well as set the expectations you are looking for. We want to make the process as painless as possible especially since most of our clients are renovating for the first time.

In addition, you may ask us for any contractor references if you do not have a contractor for your project. We do not have in-house contracting because we really want our clients to have control over who is working on their project. In the event, you do not have a contractor; no need to panic. We carry a list of local contractors best suited for your area and project type.

Design Stage

The third step is the fun part!

The designer will present the vision they have for your new space. They will present 3D renderings on one of our large screens for you and provide a breakdown of the floor plan, elevations, and other project details accordingly. This will give you full control over your design and allow any necessary changes in-person with your designer. In addition, our team will give you suggestions to make your space appear aesthetically pleasing while remaining functional. In addition, it is time to start thinking about appliances and their specifications prior to this meeting so we can consolidate all the finishing touches.

Once everything is exactly as you wish, and you are comfortable we may devise the final quote and require half of the balance up front prior to ordering your products.

Please note: Everyone has a different pace and the designer will adjust their techniques and approach things to best suit your needs. We respect your comfort and time and will do our best to comply with your needs.

Final Measure

The fourth step proves to us that in design an inch is a mile!

In some cases your designer will require a final measure just in case any structural changes were made and to confirm their original measure is precise. This is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure fewer onsite mishaps and “oops moments” mid-installation. Trust us, your contractor will thank us for this! We take this very seriously, so we avoid any delays on your project.

Order Entry

The fifth step is where we get technical!

The designer is responsible for sending your order. This step takes hours if not days because we must account for more than what the naked eye will see. We will send your order and then receive an acknowledgment from the cabinet manufacturer. We then have a 24-hour grace period to make any changes upon retrieval. Our manufacture lead times range anywhere from 3 weeks to up to 10 weeks. Your designer will inform you on the timeline prior to ordering dependent on the line you chose to work with!

Delivery and Installation

The sixth step is where the magic happens!

At this point, the cabinet production is complete and ready for delivery. In most cases your cabinetry goes to a local trucking company and when you are ready, we can arrange delivery for any business day. However, we do require the final balance paid prior to delivery! Only a few of our more cost-effective cabinet lines will deliver direct from the manufacturer on a designated day provided to you.

The Installation timeline will need to be coordinated with your contractor as again, each job is slightly different from the next. If your installer is not someone we have worked with in the past, we are more than happy to meet them on site to answer any questions. We will also provide the elevations and layout with further detail.

Final Visit

The seventh step is when we are finally DONE and picture ready!

At this point, all that’s left is to celebrate! From time to time we like to take pictures of the final design to showcase on our social media accounts and website!